Memories and Things

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How do we remember our dead? This thought crosses my mind whenever our extended families gather together. My grandmothers are no more and they have left behind a void that often goes unnoticed until you notice it and then you cannot not notice it anymore. You see a chair and you miss a smile. You […]

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Hot Flash or Power Surge? — It’s My Journey…My Life

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As women we all have to go through the big “M”(menopause) at some point in our lives, whether it’s by natures’ choice or medical means. Some fly by with few symptoms at all, others get them all. I am one of the (oh, goody) latter. Now, I don’t know who coined the phrase “Power Surge” […]

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Practicing the Pause — Lisa Fahey

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Today there are many voices telling you what you should do, how you should think, and who you should be. The list goes on and on. I think it is interesting how bold we are to offer our opinions without ever being asked for an opinion. I am not saying that I never have an […]

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Happiness —

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So everyone wants to be happy, everyone wants to live a happy life but what does that look like? We are always caught up in what happiness should look like instead of realizing that happiness lies from within. When I was younger I was like most little girls I dreamed that one day I would […]

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Second Chances — Kaleidoscope

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I’m all hyped up. I’m starting a ballet class this week. For “mature” ladies. “Ballet for Joy and Vitality” it’s called. As a frustrated ballerina, whose career ended before it began 58 years ago when I wimped out before my first dance recital, I’m really excited about getting another crack at it.

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The Rebirth of my Unicorn — The Unicorn Journey

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I am the unicorn that survived the flames. The ashes were beautiful as I said goodbye to a past I thought would destroy me. Like a phoenix my rebirth struck fear in the hearts of non believers. I was resurrected to live the love that almost killed me. […]

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Hey Girls, Let’s Get Together! — Majic 102.3

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We women have been fighting for things since forever – rights of choice, equality in work and pay and the list goes on. The unfortunate thing is when we fight against each other. The thing is that when we do come together, it is so powerful. Two of our favorite sisters got together on a […]

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